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Artist info

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The Roswell Incident comprises

Jan Buytaert (keyboards and electronics)

and Koen Buytaert (keyboards and electronics)

both living nearby Ghent, Belgium.


Together they composed for years Berlin School and ambient music for themselves.


In 2010 they decided to release a first cd “The Crash” which was very welcomed. It consist of three pieces of partially improvised music.

A second cd “Hunted” was released in 2013, also containing three tracks.

In december 2013 they performed for the first time live at the B-Wave festival in Belgium. A specialy made video by Kinet supported the music.

A third cd was released in 2014 with the music of that concert entitled “Escape”.

They were asked to play in november 2014 at E-Live in Holland. A concert for more than 200 peoples. For that concert a new piece was created and new videomaterial was made.


In May 2015 they made an appearence as main act at Cosmic Nights which was held at the planetarium in Brussels. Two new tracks were especialy composed for this event.

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